Last August Carol Cone visited me while on vacation at Cape Cod. We sat in my little rental cottage and ate snacks I pulled at the last minute from the fridge – some turkey, crackers, cheese and fruit. It was a pretty humble offering to a woman I had so long admired, especially since, when I had imagined our get together, it involved mint iced tea, fresh blackberry scones and other delicacies way beyond my limited culinary capabilities. No matter – it was the conversation that was delicious.

Everyone knows Carol. Well, everyone except me, up until that point. Of course we’d crossed paths, been at the same events, heard each other’s names in our small industry. But we’d never really spent time talking about our experiences working with purpose-led brands over the years. With every story there were agreements about amazing people we’d both worked with, shared frustrations about world-changing ideas that got lost along the way, new business pitches we didn’t know we’d competed in… it was one of those conversations that could just go on and on because we should’ve been having it over many years instead of concentrated into a couple of hours.

Fast forward to today, when I am so proud to share that Siren is one of the partners in Carol’s new venture, Carol Cone on Purpose (CCOP). The curated group of CCOP agencies are a marketer’s dream – together we offer everything from branding experts to award-winning filmmakers to millennial researchers to consumer insight experts. And we all see the world through the lens of Purpose.

Like “brand,” many think of Purpose as an esoteric idea, which it is, on some level, because it requires activation of an intangible belief system. But the very tangible benefits of being a purpose-led organization are clear: stronger, more cohesive leadership, deeper consumer engagement, higher social impact and higher profits.

Last August as Carol was getting ready to drive away, the last thing she said to me was “We’re friends now, you know.” Like all friendships, CCOP will strengthen over time as the smart, creative people involved work together to tackle big problems with big solutions. We’ve all been doing this work individually and within our agencies, but if ever there was a case of “better together,” this is it. Let’s get going.