Brand. New. Love.

At the heart of sustainable brands. 


Brand. New. Love.

At the heart of sustainable brands. 

“Love is the only force capable of turning an enemy into a friend.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Traditional agencies help brands spend billions of dollars every year trying to persuade their customers to love them. 

But we all know love isn’t a one way street. So we came up with a better idea. Rooted in the opportunity to become more sustainable, Siren helps brands turn that love into a two way street, showing consumers how much you love them as much as you want them to love you. 

On the surface it's all about creating products and services that people love, but it goes much deeper.  

Loving your customers means looking out for their health and wellness. 

It means caring about the communities they live in.

It means respecting the values they hold dear. 

It means allowing everyone to profit. 

And, ultimately, it means sharing the planet we all call home.   

Brand. New. Love.

At the heart of sustainable brands. 


The Siren Agency

Who we are and what we believe. 

The Siren Agency

Who we are and what we believe. 

The Siren Agency is a strategic public relations and communications agency 

We see business as a force for good. 

Sustainability is a journey and it’s one we’re all on together. Now is the time for businesses, governments, NGOS and people of all income levels, faiths, and colors to unite, to innovate and explore how we can adapt to a world in which climate and consumer behavior are intimately linked. 

The Siren Agency’s mission is to connect purpose-led brands and people to create a more sustainable future. This means working with businesses to explore how to deepen their authentic commitment to sustainability, and then bringing that promise to life through thoughtful, intentional communication strategies.  

Brands big and small, new and old, B2B and B2C are evolving from simply bolting on a CSR strategy or celebrating "doing the right thing,” to becoming fully integrated sustainable businesses. 

Collectively, we are a group of socially-minded people that believes purpose-led, or sustainable, brands require a fresh approach to marketing.  We enhance the traditional foundation of product, price, place and promotion with the new 4Ps of sustainable branding:    

Sustainable brands require a purpose to attract the best employees, customers, partners and supporters. 

They are driven by and for people, recognizing that every life matters and that business plays a critical role in ensuring social justice. 

The products and services they create deliver at least as much pleasure as traditional alternatives. 

Their commitment to Shared Value never undermines a focus on profit, to ensure sustainability has ongoing financial viability. 



Creating Brand. New. Love.

The services we offer.

Creating Brand. New. Love.

The services we offer.

Finding Purpose

the heart of your business

Strategy AND Planning

Charting the Path


Purpose is as critical to an organization as a frame is to a house – it creates structure, simplifies decision making and clearly communicates how everything fits together. Whether a consumer product goods company, a cleantech start up, or a well-established B2B service provider, Siren’s Purpose Journey facilitates the process of answering key questions and establishing Purpose.

There is no such thing as a sustainable brand, only brands on their journey towards sustainability. The need to evaluate, adjust and align is constant. For projects such as exploring the right non-profit partner, aligning a corporate foundation’s mission, setting long-term sustainability goals, or designing a communication platform, Siren’s Strategy & Planning capabilities help clients identify and address critical business issues.

Earned and social media

Authentic Advocates

When it comes to sustainability, the power of a trusted recommendation drastically outweighs the influence of paid content. With the right relationships with media and influencers well established, plus a tireless curiosity to explore new ideas, Siren can develop and execute an earned and social media plan that gets the right message to the right people.


creating ambassadors

Employees are the most important stakeholder of any organization – they are the ones who bring a brand to life through everyday actions, not to mention 24/7 communication to friends and family. With top down communication a thing of the past, today’s leading companies are seeking ways to engage employees – to listen to and share ideas, to encourage participation, and to work together toward a shared purpose.  

EcoInspiration Sessions

deep dives

Whether it’s a best practices overview, an internal cross-silo collaboration, the development of an industry specific strategy, competitive analysis and exploration of market entry point, or a product or brand brainstorm, an EcoInspiration session is tailored to address a brand’s unique situation. EcoInspiration are active, engaging and allow for participation of people at all knowledge and experience levels.


Siren Clients

Work we love to do.  

Siren Clients

Work we love to do.  

“I originally engaged with Annie and team via Saatchi, and have now re-engaged through Siren, to help Caesars Entertainment develop its CodeGreen sustainability communication strategies, which they did with a balance of precision and creativity. I now rely on them for overall execution of our external Citizenship communication plan. Siren excels at reacting quickly to a rapidly evolving plan, and consistently delivers results.”  - Gwen Migita, Vice President of Sustainability & Corporate Citizenship, Caesars Entertainment

“It has been our real pleasure collaborating with Annie and the team from Siren across various JFW sustainability programs. The Siren team brings the rare combination of high-level strategic counsel along with hands-on execution and program management excellence. They are trusted partners on several of our communications and media projects.” - Jason Hunke, former SVP, Communication, Jackson Family Wines

Full client list and case studies available on request - Contact Siren


about us

Meet the Team. 

about us

Meet the Team. 

The "Sirenistas" are a small and mighty group of communication professionals with a shared passion for inspiring change.

We are purpose-driven strategists, counselors, writers, researchers, media relations black belts, social media pros, creative catalysts and sustainability devotees.


Annie Longsworth


An eternal optimist, Annie is a pioneer in sustainability communication. After years at big agencies, including three years as CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi S, she launched The Siren Agency, which is dedicated to creating positive change through business.

She started her career as an editor, which explains why she asks so damn many questions. She has worked with clients of all sizes, across all industries, and of all shades of green.

She loves thinking about how to influence stakeholders using communication to impact beliefs, behaviors and actions. Annie was recognized as CSR Professional of the Year by PR News in 2016.

Chris Cox 

Creative Director

Chris has a story to tell you. With more than twenty years of agency and in-house experience developing and managing employee, corporate, and consumer brand campaigns in the USA and Europe, he helps build sustainable brands from the inside out.

Chris brings a unique left/right brain balance to client challenges, combining strategic planning with visual storytelling to create campaigns that shape corporate character and build advocacy.

Originally hailing from the U.K., Chris lives in Oakland.  




A proud resident of South Portland, Maine, Angie Helton is an entrepreneur, public relations pro and former journalist. Her expertise spans across media channels including print, television, radio, and social media outlets.

With more than 11 years of experience as a television news producer of investigative segments across New England, Angie has been nominated for six, and has won two, regional Emmy Awards.  She has also been recognized for her outstanding media work with a national Telly Award.

Angie can also be found at

ErikA Schuetze


Erika loves nothing more than seeing her client’s name in lights! With a passion for communications and storytelling, Erika has been promoting companies in technology and sustainability for more than fifteen years.

She embraces the art and science of crafting her client’s story to ensure the right message gets to the right audience. Erika has worked with Fortune 100 companies and pre-IPO start-ups, and also has experience in the education and non-profit industry.

Erika lives on the Central Coast of California where she enjoys spending time with her husband and two young sons, and volunteering for local schools and organizations.



Kim Schaefer, Strategist

With a love of travel and a focus on social impact, Kim has worked with organizations in the US, UK, Australia and Uganda.

Her expertise is in identifying shared value business models, strategic business planning, developing purpose and financial analysis. Kim has written a number of business plans over the years, one of which won the social impact prize at the Melbourne University Entrepreneurship Challenge in 2010.  

In her spare time she enjoys being a new mom, reading, traveling, hiking, skiing, camping and any other means to explore this wonderful world in which we live.



Amelia Brandt is grateful to have discovered a way to apply her passion for the earth and global society to her career.

She works with companies and nonprofits on sustainability reporting, employee engagement, social media, nonprofit marketing and corporate communications.

During five years at Cone Communications, she worked with clients like L’Oréal, Timberland, Keurig Green Mountain and IKEA. She left Cone to serve as a volunteer communications manager for Global Mamas, a Ghana-based fair trade social enterprise empowering women.

Upon her return to the U.S. in 2014, she continued her work supporting sustainability strategy and communications for a variety of Fortune 500 companies as well as small nonprofits. 



After graduating with the highest GPA in his major of Environmental Economics and Policy, David traveled to Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

In Kenya, he studied anthropology and ecology, working with the local Masai Tribes people to understand their relationship and perception to global climate change and the melting ice cap on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Since being back in the US, David is a project manager, researcher and budding media relations guru. For now he lives in San Francisco but his eternal wanderlust won’t keep him in one place for too long. 

THIS Could Be You!

Siren is looking for a person with eight arms, or least a person who likes to do eight things at once. While underwater. 

An entry level octopus, you love social media, figuring out how to solve problems, research, trends, relationships, organization, brands, matrices, interacting with all types of people, and contributing to creating a better world.

If interested in learning more, email